Immunity gum
Immunity gum Immunity gum Immunity gum Immunity gum Immunity gum Immunity gum

Immunity gum

Boost Immunity. Manage Stress. Increase Vitality.

Great taste, fresh breath, and good health. Made using extracts from Elderberry, organic Reishi Mushrooms, organic Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Vitamins from fruit, and Zinc. Now you can feel as fresh as your breath!


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Gluten & Allergen Free

Aspartame Free

Sugar Free


This is truly a Mighty Gum.

Let's be honest. How often do we stop to think about our immune system? If you're like most folks, probably not until you get sick. The truth is, our immune system is continuously working to protect us, even while we sleep. Our immunity is critical to our wellbeing, so it's crucial to show our immune system some love. Our Immunity gum was developed to keep your immune system healthy while helping your body manage stress and stay vibrant.

Our Ingredients.

Elderberry Extract

from Black Elderberry

50mg per serving

Fights inflammation and infection

Ashwagandha Extract

from Organic Ashwagandha root

50mg per serving

Helps our body manage stress and anxiety


from Organic Reishi Mushroom

50mg per serving

Supports a healthy and robust immune response

Astragalus Extract

from Astragalus root

30mg per serving

Builds and balances the immune system

Vitamin A

from Papaya

15% of DV per serving

involved in the production and function of white blood cells

Vitamin B1

from Orange & Papaya

15% of DV per serving

helps the body turn food into energy

Vitamin B6

from Banana

15% of DV per serving

needed to create neurotransmitters that regulate emotions

Vitamin C

from Orange, Banana & Papaya

15% of DV per serving

helps boost blood antioxidant levels

Vitamin D2

from Shiitake Mushroom

15% of DV per serving

supports normal immune function

Vitamin E

from Papaya

15% of DV per serving

helps reduce cellular free radical damage


25% of DV per serving

necessary for immune cell function and signaling

What we put in our gum is just as important as what we don’t.

Ingredient list & SFP

Why in a chewing gum?



Our bodies are designed to receive nutrition by chewing. The simple act of chewing primes our body to receive the nutrition coming its way. The first step of digestion, chewing allows the enzymes in our mouth to prepare what we eat to be absorbed. Swallowing a pill bypasses all that magic.


Buccal Absorption.

The cheek and area under our tongue have many capillaries, or tiny blood vessels. There, nutrients can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream without having to going through our digestive system. This makes chewing gum the perfect delivery mechanism for nutrition.


Right Dose.

We've been trained to take 100% of the vitamins we need for 24 hours in a single instance. We end up overloading our system, and what can't be absorbed at that very moment is eliminated. Chewing gum is perfect because we chew pieces throughout the day, giving us small doses of nutrition when we need it.


Existing habit.

We all have those bottles of supplements we purchased with the best of intentions. After a couple weeks they're a distant memory in the medicine cabinet. We get it, new habits are hard. Mighty Gum takes an existing habit and makes it work harder for you — chewing gum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces should I chew a day?

We designed Mighty Gum to replace your traditional chewing gum.  So feel free to chew your Immunity gum as often as you would regular gum. Chewing Immunity gum regularly helps build your body's immunity.

When should I start chewing this gum?

Why only 15% of my daily values in a serving?

How long does the flavor last?

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