Plant-Based Nutrition

Plant-Based Nutrition

Living a life of health and vitality is something we as a society all strive for. Our goals normally look relatively the same: live a long life, have more energy, feel good in our body every day, limit our illnesses, etc. These are all things that we may sometimes think we don’t have control over. 

However, what if I told you that there was something you could do every single day, multiple times a day that increased the likelihood of you living a very long and enjoyable life? What if there was something you could put into your body at every meal that allowed you to boost your immune system, increase your vitality, and feel healthier? 

Eating a diet that is rich in plants can pull you out from a low energy, inflamed, and sore reality into one full of vibrance, liveliness, and positivity! 

Although there are many arguments about which diet is the best for optimal health, there is one common thread that all nutritionists and health and wellness pros can agree on - a diet that is rich in whole food plants and minimally processed is absolutely beneficial to your health.

When you increase the variety and amount of plant foods within your diet, you are increasing your fiber within your diet, which is feeding that good gut bacteria that resides in your microbiome. You are also increasing the nutrients within your body, which seems like a no-brainer, but most of us are missing the essential vitamins and minerals that our body’s need in order to thrive and heal. This is because of the amount of ultra-processed foods that are on the market right now. We are being bombarded with advertisements everywhere we look that encourage us to purchase easy and convenient foods that are not as nutrient dense as whole plant foods and can actually cause more harm than good to our bodies. That’s why focusing on a diet that is high in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is essential to our health!


Helping Aid in Weight Loss

Eating a diet that is rich in plants has been shown to be very beneficial in weight loss. This is especially important today, when the rise of overweight and obese adults is reaching a record high of 69% in the U.S. The high amounts of fiber within this diet help to flush out toxins and detox the body throughout the day, along with keeping you fuller for longer after each meal. Your body is being delivered an abundant number of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals in order to meet its necessary nutritional needs, therefore you are not feeling “hungry” an hour after eating because your body is satisfied. 


Helps Reverse and Eliminate Chronic Conditions

Adding more plants into your diet not only is good for your waistline, but many other risks and symptoms associated with a poor diet like cognitive decline, diabetes, and heart disease. A study of over 200,000 people found that those who followed a whole foods, plant based diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts had a much lower risk of developing heart disease and a 34% lower risk of developing diabetes. Also, because of the high amounts of antioxidants found in many plant foods, they have been strongly associated with a reduction in cognitive decline. 


What About Supplements?

If you are wanting to use a multivitamin or supplement within your diet, it’s encouraged to find one that is whole foods, plant-based. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Get your nutrition from plants - makes sense! Unfortunately, the majority of the supplements on the shelf today use synthetic nutrients, which are a lot cheaper to produce. But, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. 

Synthetic nutrition is harder for the body to absorb because they are an isolated extract. Your body does not recognize synthetically made “foods” as a real food, so it ends up rejecting the supplement the majority of the time versus absorbing it. So, when you source vitamins from fruit like we do at Mighty Gum, you don’t just get the vitamins as an isolate, but as it occurs in nature. Plant-based nutrition represents the complexity of real food with phytonutrients and coenzymes making them more bioavailable. At Mighty Gum we source our vitamins from organic fruits and vegetables like oranges, papayas, bananas, and mushrooms.

Mighty Gum features the vitamins we’re usually deficient in, along with different minerals, botanicals, and adaptogens to support our body. We don’t believe in the kitchen sink approach, nor do we throw a thousand percent of what your body needs in a day into a single dose, which results in overwhelming your system. Nature did not intend for 100% of our nutritional needs for the day to be met in one single dose, therefore we provide just what your body can handle, in a simple and clean format - chewing gum. We make our gum using a patented cold-compression technique without using any heat to preserve the integrity of our carefully selected ingredients.

By pairing your newfound dedication to a plant-rich diet, alongside a carefully curated, and whole food based supplement like Mighty Gum, you can rest-assured that your nutritional needs will soon be getting met!



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