Plant-Based Nutrition

Plant-Based Nutrition

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it, get your nutrition from plants, makes sense. Unfortunately, the majority of the supplements on the shelf today use synthetic nutrients - they’re a LOT cheaper. But, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. 

Synthetic nutrition is harder for the body to absorb because they’re an isolated extract. When you source vitamins from fruit like we do in Mighty Gum, you don’t just get the vitamins as an isolate, but as it occurs in nature. Plant-based nutrition represents the complexity of real food with phytonutrients and co-enzymes making them more bioavailable (we’ve sourced our vitamins from organic fruits (oranges, papaya, banana, mushroom). 

Mighty Gum features the vitamins we’re usually deficient in, along with minerals, botanicals, and adaptogens to support our body. We don’t believe in the kitchen sink approach, nor do we throw a thousand percent of what your body needs in a day into a single dose and overwhelm your system. We shouldn’t even be forcing a 100% of our daily nutrition from a single source at a single time, that’s just not the way nature intended. Just what your body can handle, in a simple and clean format - chewing gum. We make our gum using a patented cold-compression technique without using any heat to preserve the integrity of our carefully selected ingredients.

Mighty Gum - Immunity

Immunity Gum

Great taste, fresh breath, and good health. Made using extracts from Elderberry, organic Reishi Mushrooms, organic Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Vitamins from fruit, and Zinc. Now you can feel as fresh as your breath!

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