Cold Compression, it’s patented!

Cold Compression, it’s patented!

When I say cold compression, you’re probably thinking of some post-workout recovery technique that some bio-hacker told you about. Well, that’s not what we’re talking about here, we’re talking about a patented method to make premium chewing gum. Most conventional chewing gums don’t leverage the cold compression method because it’s more expensive, and quite frankly they really don’t need it.

Traditional chewing gum is made using a combination of dry and wet ingredients that are put in a large industrial Kitchen-Aid and vigorously mixed. This mixing process creates a lot of friction which generates heat and produces a dough-like paste. This dough is then flattened, cooled, cut into small pieces, wrapped, and then packed for sale - which is kinda how you’d imagine chewing gum being made.

Here’s the thing though, Mighty Gum contains vitamins sourced from fruit, extracts from Elderberry, Ashwagandha, Astragalus, and Reishi Mushroom. All that friction and heat would destroy the integrity and efficacy of those precious plant-based ingredients. So, when we set out to make Mighty Gum, we knew we had to find a different way to make chewing gum, not just a better way. We searched far and wide to find a partner who had the know-how and skill to produce a product that protected the ingredients and tasted fantastic. And oh, can’t use aspartame, no acesulfame potassium, and no artificial flavors or colors either.

No one had made a chewing gum like this before, so most potential partners never got back to us after our introductory call. Making a gum like this was a challenge, and everyone involved knew it would take well over a year to develop a new to the world product such as this. That didn’t deter me, I kept searching, I kept setting up meetings, I kept telling chewing gum manufacturers all over the world about my vision for Mighty Gum. Most of them told me that I was being too ambitious and that they didn’t have the means to produce the product I envisioned. However, after all that diligence and faith, I finally found a manufacturer in Canada that had this special patented method to make gum using cold compression. After I told them about my vision for the brand and the product, they said that they’d be willing to take a chance on me and work with me to create Mighty Gum. Not sure why I’m getting emotional here, but let’s move on.

This method that they had patented had traditionally been used to make mints - their engineers had figured out a way to modify the process to make chewing gum. This method produced gum without the generation of friction or heat, which is the perfect way to make gum containing plant-based ingredients. The cold compression method starts with all the ingredients in a dry state, and then gently mixes in a cool environment until well mixed. This blend is then dropped into a small die the shape of a mint, and is then compressed to take the shape of the die. That’s it!

So the next time you bite into a deliciously nutritious piece of Mighty Gum, enjoy that initial crack before it becomes a chewing gum, it’s patented.


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