Be Unstoppable

Be Unstoppable

If you’re reading this, chances are you probably want to live an awesome life. I mean, why wouldn’t you? You only get one! 

So, what does being “unstoppable” mean to you?

For me, it means feeling sharp, feeling happy, staying energized, smashing goals, and being ready to take life by the horns when need be!

To live life to the fullest - to truly be “unstoppable”, we have to make sure our bodies are ready for the ride. 

Now, I'm not suggesting you need to follow some crazy strict diet or boring exercise routine to achieve the body of a Greek God. We’re not even suggesting you sacrifice the things you love like pizza, In-N-Out burger, or ice cream.  

Maintaining the health of our mind and body is a lifestyle – it’s a way of living. It’s not a prescription that you follow to achieve the desired result and maintain it forever and ever. It’s a lifetime’s worth of decisions made each and every single day.

Okay, okay…sure, you might be able to achieve the level of health you’ve always dreamed of after putting yourself through a few grueling months of diet and exercise, but unless you’re a Superhuman or someone who is destined for the Olympics, you’re probably going to burn out pretty quickly. Sooner or later, something comes along (um, hello, pandemic of 2020) that puts a wrinkle in your health plans. Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep, your workouts start to fall behind, stress slowly creeps in, and before you know it you’re launching right back into your old, unhealthy behaviors. No shame in that game, we’ve all been there! We’ve all struggled from time to time with sticking to a plan. 

Now, what if I told you there is a better way of leading a healthy life? One that doesn’t require drastic changes or some complex strategy? All you have to do is look for ways to “healthify” your current habits. Do more of what you already do, just with a healthy twist! 

Allow us to explain… 

Since we all have so many decisions to make on any given day, why not look for ways to improve each one? Why not take our current habits and make each one just a little bit healthier? Each time you do, you’re moving in the right direction. 

Here at Mighty Gum, we like to ask ourselves the question “what can I do to make this habit healthier?” 

Instead of adding new, complex habits to improve the quality of our lives, we stay focused on improving the quality of the habits we already have, for example chewing gum! “Healthify-ing” our gum-chewing habit seemed like a no- brainer. If we’re already chewing gum every day, why shouldn’t it work harder for us? So, we fixed it! 

Mighty Gum is perfect because we focus on delivering bio-available doses of plant-based vitamins, zinc, elderberry, and adaptogens in a delicious aspartame-free gum. You get great taste, fresh breath, and good health all from a habit you already have, chewing gum. Pretty neat, right?  

So, want to see more examples of how to “healthify” your current habits? Here are some of our favorites:

  • Add some lemon or lime to your water bottle for an easy nutritional kick.
  • Running errands? Park as far away from the entrance as possible. 
  • Try filling your plate with 50% veggies for just one meal. 
  • Need to take a phone call? Head outside and walk while you talk, getting in some extra steps.
  • Switch to reading a book before bedtime and leave the tv in “off” mode. 
  • Eat your burger with one less bun.
  • At your desk all day? Set a timer to stretch every hour. 
  • Tempted by plane snacks on your next flight? Opt for almonds instead of Cheese-itz.
  • Aim to watch your favorite Netflix series while walking on the treadmill. 
  • Stuck in traffic? Use the time to practice deep breathing. 
  • Work from home? Bring your laptop outside while you get a few minutes of Vitamin D. 
  • Placed on hold? Sneak in some calf raises while you wait. 
  • Long drive home? Turn on your favorite inspirational podcast. 
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator every chance you get. 
  • Catch up with an old friend instead of mindlessly scrolling social media. They’ll appreciate the effort. 

And the list goes on and on. No matter where you are there are countless opportunities for healthifying everything you do! But don’t freak out — you don’t have to tackle these all at once. Start small. All you have to do is start making healthier additions as often as you can and look to improve a little each day. I promise, over time – these little improvements add up to A LOT! 

And remember, when life throws you a curveball, learn to be OK with it. We are all going to face difficulties at one point or another. Don't let life knock you down. Continue to strive for health and balance by keeping up with your daily habits. Continue to power through any challenges or obstacles. After all, this is what it truly means to be unstoppable. We’ll help you get there, one piece of Mighty Gum at a time.


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