Be Unstoppable

Be Unstoppable

To live life to the fullest, we have to make sure our bodies are ready for the ride.

Mighty Gum was developed to help our bodies cope with the compromises we make. Not getting enough sleep, not working out regularly, letting stress overwhelm us, allowing that last drink to determine what’s for dinner… we’ve all been there. No shame in that game.

Instead of adding new habits to improve the quality of our lives, we’re focused on improving the quality of the habits we already have, like chewing gum. To us it seemed like a no brainer if I’m already chewing gum, why shouldn’t it work harder for me. So, we fixed that.

Mighty Gum is perfect because we focus on delivering bio-available doses of plant-based vitamins, zinc, elderberry and adaptogens in a delicious aspartame-free gum. 

So get out there and live your best life, we’ll help you be unstoppable.

Mighty Gum - Immunity

Immunity Gum

Great taste, fresh breath, and good health. Made using extracts from Elderberry, organic Reishi Mushrooms, organic Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Vitamins from fruit, and Zinc. Now you can feel as fresh as your breath!

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