About Us

About Us

Hi there, I’m Mat, the founder of Mighty Gum. Yup, just one T.

I really appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us! You could be on TikTok right now, but here you are. I’m honored.

To put it simply, Mighty Gum is a functional chewing gum designed to help our bodies cope with the compromises we make. Not getting enough sleep, not working out regularly, letting stress overwhelm us, allowing that last drink to determine what’s for dinner… we’ve all been there. No shame in that game.

A lot of people ask me, how I came up with the idea for Mighty Gum? What inspired me to create a functional chewing gum? Well, the honest truth, I have a hard time remembering to take my vitamins daily. I found that despite my best intentions to support my health, I kept forgetting to take my vitamins and supplements regularly. I'd buy all these wonderful products, and after a couple of weeks, they'd be collecting dust on my shelf. I just could not get into a reliable rhythm.

Understandably so, because starting new habits is hard. So, I started to think, what existing habit of mine could I incorporate my vitamins and supplements into? As soon as I reframed the problem that way, the answer was obvious - chewing gum. I chew gum regularly, and I always have a pack within arms reach - my pocket, backpack, desk, car, gym-bag... you name it!

The Mighty Gum mission is to help humankind reach its full potential by empowering the human body. We aim to accomplish this through our delicious products as well as our partnership with Vitamin Angels and their work to combat malnutrition in hard to reach communities around the world. Know that every time you buy, chew, or share a pack of Mighty Gum, you’re part of a larger chain reaction.

So get out there, go live and love this great big world of ours. And don’t worry if you forgot to take your vitamins this morning, we got you!


Mathew Thalakotur, Founder & CEO

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