Feel as fresh as your breath

Our chewing gum contains adaptogens, botanicals, and vitamins that support the body’s natural ability to protect itself.


a powerful Ayurvedic adaptogen


builds and balances the immune system


supports healthy inflammatory response

Reishi Mushroom

supports a healthy immune response

6 Vitamins

sourced from fruit

Be Unstoppable

We tend to live like we’re unstoppable, right until our body forces us to take a break. Go ahead and live life on your terms, just remember to show your body some love along the way.

Plant-Based Nutrition

Vitamins from organic fruit to support your body, Zinc and Elderberry to support the immune system, and adaptogens to create balance. A holistic approach to wellness.

Chew Chew Train

All this in a chewing gum? Yup, a chewing gum. Our bodies are designed to receive nutrition by chewing, so just swallowing a pill bypasses all that magic that happens in our mouths.

Mighty Gum - Immunity

Immunity Gum

Great taste, fresh breath, and good health. Made using extracts from Elderberry, organic Reishi Mushrooms, organic Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Vitamins from fruit, and Zinc. Now you can feel as fresh as your breath!

The Word.

Five Stars
"So often gum is loaded with sugars and artificial ingredients, I love that Mighty Gum includes some of my favorite superfoods."

Dr. Mark Hyman Physician & NYT bestselling author

Five Stars
“When I heard about Mighty Gum, I was intrigued. I love the idea of chewing gum to support my health. Plus, let’s be honest… mask-wearing has made me want to freshen my breath more than usual.”

Melissa Urban Founder of Whole30 & NYT bestselling author

Five Stars
“This is something that seems like it should have existed for a long time!”

Dave Asprey Biohacker & NYT bestselling author

The Gram.

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